Why We Do It

Ana’s Story

Ana Dodson started Peruvian Hearts because of her personal connection with Peru. She was born in Cusco, Peru, but had been raised in Colorado by her adopted family, the Dodsons. In 2003, Ana was able to visit her birthplace and it was there she found her life’s calling: empowering the girls and women in Peru to achieve their dreams and raise their families out of poverty. Read about “Ana’s Story.”

Girl Empowerment

Ana found she wasn’t alone in creating worldwide change through education and empowerment for women. Peruvian Hearts stands in the company of UNICEF, the NIKE Foundation, and Girl Scouts in achieving the United Nations’ Milennium Development Goal of to “promote gender equality and empower women” and eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education. Read more about “Girl Empowerment.”

Worldwide Awareness

Peruvian Hearts has been recognized by national and worldwide organization for its message of female empowerment and accessible education for women. Peruvian Hearts, our partners, our volunteers, and our scholars promote global change and social responsibility every day. See the many opportunities we’ve had to spread our message.

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