Meet Our Board

Now I am able to have many dreams for going forward and I know that there is going to be a bright light at the end of the road. I want to help my community when I am an educated person with a career. Then I can help more.

—Claudia, Peruvian Hearts Scholar

Board of Directors

Judi Dodson, President

Judi chairs the board of directors of Peruvian Hearts. She is an educational consultant and literacy specialist working with teachers and school districts throughout the United States. Judi has authored several educational books for teachers. Her love for Peru began in 1992 while she lived there during the adoption of her daughter, Ana. As an educator for more than thirty years, Judi is committed to girls’ education and its role in empowering girls to become leaders.

Rocco Dodson, Vice President

Rocco is a commercial litigation attorney at his firm, Dodson and Associates, P.C. He sits on the governing board of directors of the Metro Volunteer Lawyers of the Colorado Bar Association. He was president and chairman of the board of directors of the Colorado Nonprofit Loan Fund from 2001 – 2009, and a member of the board of directors since 1988. Rocco has also been an active member of the Evergreen Colorado Rotary Club since 2001 and also serves on the Board of AfricAid, an organization that helps African girls receive secondary level education.

Liz Peyton, Secretary

Liz has worked in education as a special educator for 30 years and currently trains teachers in literacy instruction. Liz has served on the board of Courage to Risk Foundation and the International Dyslexia Association – Rocky Mountain branch for many years. Liz loves playing tennis, fly fishing, reading, and spending time with her two grandsons.

Susan Ahlquist

Susan spent nearly 40 years working as an occupational therapist. She worked at hospitals, mental health centers, and school systems. Susan received her Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University in 1970. She has been involved with Peruvian Hearts since its inception and is a great admirer of Ana, her work, and her ideals.

Edwin Gonzalez

Edwin has worked in the hotel industry for over 40 years. He currently owns and operates LaQuinta Eco Hotel in Urubamba, Peru, which has a 100% organic farm that provides the food for the hotel. Edwin is a past president of the Cusco Rotary Club and has also worked as a tourism advisor for former President of Peru Alejandro Toledo. Edwin speaks eight languages and enjoys spending time with his family in Cusco and the Sacred Valley of Peru. Edwin is a passionate advocate for needy children in Peru.

Paul Ahlquist

Paul is a retired social worker and currently resides in Evergreen, Colorado. He enjoys biking and skiing, as well as singing in opera, church, and community choruses. Paul received his B.A. from Wheaton College and his MSW from SUNY at Buffalo. Paul sings in the chorus of Opera Colorado and with the Evergreen Chorale and Rockland Community Church choir.

Betsy Hoke

Betsy has worked as a Montessori educator for four decades and led the Montessori School of Evergreen, a preschool through middle school, for many years. She currently consults and presents workshops at schools across the country and have overseen the development of a Montessori program for young children in Tanzania. Betsy served on the board of trustees for Colorado Rocky Mountain School from 2003 – 2012, and works with the Gurian Institute to help parents and teachers understand brain-based gender differences. She has two children, including a daughter who is focused her doctoral research on the health of women and children in Peru.

Chris Konrad

Chris received his master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from CU Denver. He has a passion for volunteering and working with children. Chris has worked for the Horizon’s Summer program for at-risk youth and Urban Peak, a shelter for homeless youth. He is currently a school counselor in Denver Public Schools.

Morgan Hoke

Morgan Hoke is currently completing her PhD in Anthropology and her Master’s of Public Health at Northwestern University. Her research interests include biocultural anthropology, public health, political economy, the biosocial determinants of health, early growth and infant health, infant feeding, and nutritional transitions. She been working in the Andes in Peru and Ecuador since 2005. She recently completed her dissertation research in the southern highlands of Peru, employing both ethnographic and biological methods to examine the cultural, social, and biological factors influencing early child growth and health.

Ana Dodson, Founder

Ana received her degree in anthropology from Colorado College and a minor in Latin American studies. In addition to her work with Peruvian Hearts and her passion for service and helping others, Ana received her Masters degree in Education from the University of Colorado and is currently a teacher at Colorado Academy.

Pamela Geist

Pamela received a PhD from Michigan State University in Mathematics Education, Policy and Practice, with an emphasis in disciplinary knowledge of mathematics. She holds a Master of Science in Mathematics/Mathematics Education at the Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Teaching and Learning. Pamela currently owns and operates two innovative companies in the Denver area. She is the Owner and CEO of TEG Global, LLC, an established Business and Engineering IT company and she also runs Educational Resources, LLC, which empowers students mathematically. Before joining our Board, Pamela helped guide the creation of Peruvian Hearts’ mentorship program for our scholars in Peru.

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