About Us

Peruvian Hearts and Our Mission

Peruvian Hearts is a 501(c)(3) charity organization based in Golden, Colorado that encourages social, economic, and political change in Peru through the education and empowerment of young women.

Mission Statement

Peruvian Hearts works to end poverty and gender inequality by educating young women and creating community leaders in Peru—one girl at a time. Peruvian-born Ana Dodson developed this nonprofit organization to enable young women to embrace education, believe in their own power, and dream of a life beyond the conditions into which they were born.

Our Founder

Ana Dodson founded Peruvian Hearts when she was only 11-years-old. She had been adopted as a baby from Cusco Peru in 1992. When Ana visited Peru in 2003 she was moved by the extreme poverty and found her life’s mission to improve conditions in her home land for other children, especially young girls. Since then she has been featured in CNN, People Magazine, National Geographic for Kids and other worldwide media spreading her mission to the world. Read more about Ana’s Story

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to help women of all ages to reach their potential through education, mentorship, and community leadership. Our girls’ education and empowerment program, empowers Peruvian young women to break the cycle of poverty through secondary-school graduation and continued education at the post-secondary level in vocational institutes, colleges, and universities. We support three different girls’ homes, or hogares, in the Cusco and Sacred Valley of Peru through volunteers and in-kind donations. Read more about our programs

Our Connections

Achieving our mission of female empowerment would not be possible without our board, our staff, and our partners. We all believe in the following guiding principles as we achieve our goals:

  • We advocate passionately but responsibly to fulfill our mission.
  • Fulfilling our mission requires careful stewardship of our funds.
  • We demand ethical behavior of ourselves and our partners.
  • We value and respect cultural differences.
  • We value, encourage, and support community involvement in our projects and programs.

We invite you to connect with us as well through donations, volunteer efforts, sponsorships, and partnerships. Check out our “How You Can Help” section or fill out the contact form below for more information.


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