What We Do

Empower through Education

Peruvian Hearts’ girls’ education and empowerment program provides financial support and mentorship for ambitious young women to pursue their educational and professional goals. The girls in this program come from families who are extremely poor and cannot afford to send their daughters to post-secondary school. Peruvian Hearts creates a way out of the generational poverty for the girls and their families. Read more about our girls’ education and empowerment program..

Empower through Meeting Basic Needs

Peruvian Hearts supports girls living in three different hogares (girls’ homes) near Cusco and in the Sacred Valley: Hogar Mercedes, Hogar Santa Rosa and Munaychay through volunteer work and in-kind donations. The work in each of these homes helps girls and children of all ages overcome poverty and obstacles to education to achieve their dreams and impact their communities. Read more about our work in the hogares.

Peruvian Hearts’ Nutrition for Change (NfC) program gives approximately 130 primary-school children the nutrition they need to help them concentrate in class. By supporting children with a healthy lunch and a multivitamin, Peruvian Hearts is helping eliminate malnutrition among school children and improve overall attendance and achievement. Read more about Nutrition for Change.

Empower through Awarenessdesmond-tutu-poster

Ana Dodson and the Peruvian Hearts team work tirelessly to raise awareness about the women of Peru that need help. Our Latest News section highlights our recent media spotlights and outreach efforts, including Ana’s appearances in Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s film “Children of the Light” and at the NASDAQ for the opening bell and on billboards in Times Square as part of PeaceJam’s One Billion Acts of Peace Campaign. Follow Peruvian Hearts on our blog and social media by clicking the yell buttons on the right side of this page.

Empower through Service

We offer a wide range of opportunities to get involved or volunteer at these various hogares for individuals and groups seeking a more meaningful travel experience. We can help plan and organize school groups and medical groups for one-time or annual travel to Peru to implement specific service projects in conjunction with local community members. Read more about our service abroad opportunities.

Peruvian Promise Young WomenPart of our mission at Peruvian Hearts is to inspire young people to get involved in service and philanthropy. We believe in the power of young people to change the world and that service can transform the lives of those who participate. We have many suggestions of how service-minded youth and organizations can contribute to Peruvian Hearts from home. Read more about hosting fundraisers.

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