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Are you or someone you know traveling to Peru? Contact us now and let us know!


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Learn more about who we are and what we do in Peru. We promise your visit will be an unforgettable life-changing experience.

Visit PH HQ & Meet Our PH Scholars

Volunteer with Peruvian Hearts

Help Bring & Donate Needed Supplies


Llama At Machu Picchu

Trip Logistics

We can help you plan all logistics of your trip including:


Bring Needed Supplies to Peru

Have extra room in your suitcase? Please contact us to let us know you want to help!  We love visitors who can bring down women’s warm clothing, toiletries, school supplies and other appreciated items for our PH Scholars.


Travel to Peru with Our Partners

Please consider traveling to Peru with one of our dear partners:

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Elevate Destinations

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Native Tours

Ripple Effect Journeys

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