Host a Fundraiser

Now my parents have many other children and they are not able to help me. My mother worked so that I could go to secondary school. My mother gives me moral support. She says, ‘My daughter you can do this’. With money no they cannot help, but with moral support – yes.

— Elizabeth, Peruvian Promise Scholar

Hosting a charitable fundraiser is a fun and effective way to raise funds and awareness for Peruvian Hearts. There are many different types of fundraisers you can host. We’ve provided some ideas to get you started. As you set your fundraising goals, bear in mind that $50 will provide nutritious food and a multivitamin to a child for an entire school year.Volunteer

Fundraiser Format Ideas

If you have questions or need help with any of the following ideas, feel free to Contact Us.

Walk the Walk

Organize a fundraising walk and have participants commit to walking at least two to six miles, which is the distance many of our children in Peru walk to and from school every day. Each walker finds sponsors to pledge money for each mile walked.

Shoot from the Heart

Make and decorate marshmallow shooters and sell them with small bags of marshmallows. Hold a friendly competition in a gym or large open space where participants shoot marshmallows at targets.

Bike-a-thon, Hop-a-thon, Soccer Shoot-out, or Basketball Shoot-out

Organize one of these fun and engaging events for a local school and ask sponsors to pledge money for a specific distance biked/hopped or goals/baskets made. Sponsors for a bowl-a-thon can pledge money for the total number of pins knocked down.

Donate Your Allowance

Ask your friends to join you in donating allowance money over a certain week or month.

Host a Birthday/Holiday Party for Peruvian Hearts

Instead of receiving gifts, ask your guests to bring a charitable donation for the education of girls in Peru. During the party, tell your guests about the work we do at Peruvian Hearts.

Host an “Eat So They Can” (ESTC) Dinner

Host a meal for loved ones, share ideas about world hunger, and gather donations for the girls of Peruvian Hearts. Consider hosting a meal in October to honor World Food Day. Get some tips from ESTC, an organization that inspires people to host dinners to end world hunger,

Organize a Peruvian Hearts Item Collection

You can collect crucial items like chewable vitamins, children’s books in Spanish, school supplies, and daily hygiene items such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, or deodorant.

Start a Peruvian Hearts Club/Committee

Start a Peruvian Hearts Club/Committee at your school, work, or place of worship. We will happily supply you with more information that you can be share with others about the importance of educating and empowering girls through Peruvian Hearts.

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